Guitar Collections

Black Creek Guitars will now begin hosting guitar collections of our customers and friends. Anyone who would like to have their collections posted on this part of our website feel free to email me jpegs of your guitars. This is something that I’ve wanted to put together for years and now that I have the web space I can do it. My goal is to post as many cool pictures of Baker’s, Fender’s, PRSi, Gibson’s and any other cool and interesting guitars as I can. All I ask is for your name, jpeg of the guitar, and a detailed description of the guitar. By this I mean year, make, and model as well as any other interesting information about the guitar. Send as many pictures as you’d like and we’ll sort through them to post the best one you’ve got. I think it’ll be interesting to see how far this project will develop. With your help I think it could be a really cool thing. So please email me what you’ve got and I’ll try to get it up as fast as I can. Remember a collection can be either one guitar or thirty guitars, so don’t be left out. Thanks again and let’s have some fun with this.

Tel. # 845-255-1296